The joint management committee, the capital of civilization and other units launched by the Beijing daily "my best street" initiative has been the response. "Weekend clean-up activities are all carried out like a raging fire; to report back to the community members, is a" helper "alley alley" part-time housekeeper "to participate in a variety of ways to enhance environmental management; universities and professional institutions volunteers, also as" my best street "with professional power to give advice and suggestions.

Shared governance, to beautify their homes. If you find that, around the streets clean, neat community, beautiful alley, please pick up the mobile phone or camera, record around change, fixed street beauty.

From now until November 15, 2018, the Beijing daily will carry out "my best street" for taking photos at hand, we sincerely invite you to the new face of the new landscape of the new weather around to share out, let more people feel Beijiexiaoxiang remediation to bring to enhance the real sense of gain.

We will monthly named five "most photogenic" streets, and prepared a broader communication platform and rich gifts for you.

Come on, the streets of the United States, fixed by you!

1, innovation works, shoot good works in line with the theme of the new vision and new angle.

2 entries, shooting equipment is not restricted, camera, mobile phone can be single, group work can be submitted; wherein, each group does not exceed 20; works must retain the digital photo shooting information (EXIF), upload works for the JPG format, the long side is not less than 4000 pixels and to ensure that can provide

300dpi shot the original single picture of not less than 2 megabytes, otherwise it will be considered invalid.

3, the work must be original, can use the software to do the post-processing necessary without changing the original work situation. The work will not be framed, no post production borders; all works only cutting, brightness and color adjustment, should not use the picture mosaic PS means.

4, the copyright to the photographer all winners for the organizers indefinitely, unlimited free for advertisement, news release, the album and the exhibition publicity purposes, organizers promise not to picture the sales profit.

1, will be 5 monthly named "the most photogenic streets, winners will be widely spread in the Beijing daily and the new media platform.

2, each of the "most photogenic" street photographer will receive a value of 500 yuan package provided by Beijing daily photography.

1, mail submission:

2, forum contribution: in the northern new night vision net new visual photography forum "my best street" column submission.

3, WeChat: new visual yingshe submission submission to participate in the activities of micro signal

4, submission requirements: whether single or group work, contributing with compressed format upload, overall named "contributor Name + contact + title", to facilitate communication and liaison. At the same time, each one works please add captions.

My best example: street name + three +13XXXXXXXXX+ street.

Five grass plant of Dongcheng District (Zhao Rongshe)

Dongcheng District River Front Street (Zhao Chengshun photo)

Dongcheng District Hutong cloth West (Qiao Jian photo)

Xicheng District Dong Hu Tong Chun Shu (Chen Fenglin photo)

Xicheng District zhishanmen Street (Yang Baolan photo)

Chaoyang District Hujialou Street (Liu Xiaohua photo)

Chaoyang District take home in the South (Yang Jianguo photo)

Chaoyang District Jia Hu Tong (Guo Li photo)

Sanlitun Chaoyang Street (Xia Yanxi photo)

Chaoyang District ziluoyuan community (Qiao Yang photo)